Daniel Zeese


Daniel Zeese is an artist, designer and educator. His latest work explores populations, belonging, and identity within an urban environment. Inspired by a history of textiles and the domestic objects that we bring into our home to create refuge, Daniel reveals a way to let our minds return to nature while our bodies inhabit the city. His work investigates what it means to be within civilization while on the edge of the wilderness. Outnumbered, on the fringe of what is accepted in the city, celebrated from a distance, and threatened to exile by the powers of the majority. Daniel reacts to the continuing history of violence within cities against the people who, while defining the cultural identity of a place, are often misunderstood, attacked and objectified. Later we experience the outcome, the resulting martyrdom, through the master cultural narrative. 

Daniel received a Bachelors of Fine Arts, Sculpture, from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2010 and a Masters in Architecture from Boston Architectural College in 2016, where he now teaches studios and material studies classes. In 2016 he was named the Emerging Designer Award from the Boston Architectural College Alumni Association. He works internationally directing the design of major installations in the public realm for the art studio of Janet Echelman since 2012.


Fountain Street Exhibitions: Breaking the Rules


Purchase Zeese's work by contacting us directly at director@fsfaboston.com. Zeese's work is also available for purchase on 1stdibs.com and Artsy. 


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