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Chris Plunkett is a painter who works primarily with oils on canvas and wood panels. Chris’ most common influence is derived from surrounding environments within the city. His work is inspired by what and where he regularly interacts. By constructing each scene using carefully placed color and movement, Chris conveys an atmospheric mood that is meant to resonate with the viewer. His "Urban Landscape" series is intended to make the viewer look closely at the beauty in blue-collar, Boston-based, scenes. Chris' representation of reflections within his paintings capture a snapshot of the controlled chaos, calmness and overall beauty of the everyday. He uses his own crudely printed photographs as reference, and draws from fragmented memory to convey the mood and rhythm of how he perceives each unique scene.

Chris was raised in Jamaica Plain and currently lives in Dorchester, MA. He is a full time Visual Arts teacher in Boston Public Schools. Chris has shown his work at an array of Boston-area venues. Group exhibitions include shows at Urbano Gallery in Jamaica Plain, as well as the Arnheim Gallery at MassArt. In 2015 he was given a solo exhibition of his work at Boston City Hall. Plunkett received his BA in Visual Art from Plymouth State University in 2004, studied Art Education at Massachusetts College of Art and Design from 2005-2007, and in 2013 he received his MAE from Boston University. 

Fountain Street Exhibitions: Breaking the Rules, Recreating Nature, Annex March 2018


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