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September 2018


Dale Savit

Dale Savit has worked in a variety of mediums including steel and ceramic sculptures, as well as works on paper. Throughout all his work, natural and organic processes influence the generation of his compositions and textures. Savit uses line quality and depth to evoke an emotional engagement for the viewer. His latest abstract works on paper use ink washes and lines to create depth, and his color palette brings out the organic nature of his non-narrative themes. In addition, Savit is influenced by artists Willard Boepple and Bill Wyman, he often makes steel and ceramic sculptures by combining the materials and utilizing their intrinsic structural and expressive values. 

After an apprenticeship in jewelry in Chicago, IL, Dale continued his art education at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Upon completing his MFA at The Maryland Institute's College of Art, he returned to Boston, MA, where he works from his studio is in Jamaica Plain. Savit is presently showing in Chicago, IL, and at the Flying Horse Sculpture Show at the Pingree School in S. Hamilton, MA.

Léonie Little-Lex

As a child, Léonie Little-Lex was always dreaming up stories about the land and spaces around her. Tales and folklore shaped her understanding of the world, and the desire to create fantastical narratives continues to propel her creative process. Little-Lex approaches her work through an ethereal lens. Using a delicate aesthetic, she incorporates carved line work into her paintings on wood. She fits as much visual information as possible into her works on paper, giving attention to every detail of flora and fauna. She draws the viewer into her scenes and allows them dwell and contemplate. Through her work, Little-Lex is driven to create atmospheres that transcend ordinary spaces. She sees the natural world as beautiful, mysterious, and containing undeniable yet secretive powers.

Léonie Little-Lex is a Boston-based artist and arts educator. She received both her BFA and MAT from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has exhibited regionally in Salem, Cape Cod, and the Boston area, and has been featured in independent art publications. In addition to Fountain Street Gallery, Little-Lex's work can also be found at the Woodman/Shimko Gallery in Provincetown, MA. She is the Studio Coordinator at the Brookline Arts Center and on their gallery committee. Little-Lex's work was recently shown in “Unframed” a New England juried exhibit at Brookline Arts Center.

Mary Spencer

Mary Spencer’s drawings set the human figure in water… the element of fish and dreams. It was the symbol of the unconscious for Carl Jung. For Spencer water is symbolic of what her subconscious has pressed forward in startling emotional narratives - fear, sorrow, hope, bewilderment, or joy. Her palette is subdued with the use of black, white, and grey applied in oil stick set on a warm umber ground. The inscribed elements are left bare, almost golden on the surface like remnants of prehistoric wanderings, fossilized yet luminous. They are reminders of animal, plant, and stone, and our connections with them.  

Spencer received her BS from Nazareth College of Rochester, NY, and her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI. She taught at Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology, Ontario, Canada. She was proofer, then journeyman dot-etcher, working with wet-etch and dry photo masking techniques for Boston area printing companies. Spencer received an ART grant, a Massachusetts Artist Fellowship in Drawing, Blanche E. Coleman Award, and fellowships to Yaddo, and the Millay Colony for the Arts. Her work has been shown in New England, New York, the Midwest, Cuba, and South Africa. Spencer's work is in the Boston Athenaeum, DeCordova Museum, Bank of Boston, the Boston Public Library, Meditech and numerous private collections. Her studio is in the Winchell Building, 25 Washington Ave, Natick, MA. 

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