Sylvia Vander Sluis

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With an emphasis on color, design, and texture, Sylvia Vander Sluis reimagines nature, synthetic objects, and emotional experiences to express appreciation for a hidden phase of existence beneath the most obvious topical surface layer. She has shifted her process recently to involve improvisational weaving on floor and table looms. Combining sundry diverse materials like wood chips, seaweed, rice paper, and paint allows a wide breadth of possibility.

Vander Sluis graduated with a BFA from Syracuse University, NY and an MFA from Western Michigan University, MI. Before pursuing a career as an independent artist, she acted as a worldwide program manager in the IT industry. Vander Sluis’s work has been featured at MOMA, NY, Fitchburg Art Museum, MA, Attleboro Art Museum, MA, ArtsWorcester, MA, and numerous other venues.

Fountain Street Exhibitions: Thrive


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