Sylvia Vander Sluis

Sylvia Vander Sluis_Portrait.jpg
I am drawn to places where decay, natural processes, and even manmade structures reveal multiple layers of material; and thus, multiple phases of existence. In my art process, I enjoy tearing up and rebuilding forms in new ways. I often cut up and reassemble pieces of original woodcuts, monotypes, handmade paper, and fabric art in my collage paintings, giving the older work new life.

During the past year, I’ve learned improvisational weaving on both floor and table looms. My current direction is creating three-dimensional works using weaving techniques and wire mesh armatures. I’m really enjoying the physicality of these pieces.

My strength is in synthesizing many techniques and materials into a coherent whole. Color, design, and texture are most important to me.

I enjoy starting with a visual idea, then allowing it to evolve as I let the process and materials lead me. Some of my pieces form visual metaphors for aspects of nature, manmade objects, and emotional experiences. The materials I work with often suggest their own subjects, whether they be whimsical or meditative.
— Sylvia Vander Sluis