Shao Yuan Zhang


Using traditional techniques from Chinese calligraphy and watercolor painting, Zhang explores the intersection of Eastern and Western painting methods. The complexity of his Stallions series reflects Zhang’s rich and oftentimes isolated immigrant journey in America as a contemporary artist. His energetic oil paintings of racehorses combine a contemporary feel with traditional Chinese ink painting style. Through the combination of subject matter and technique, Zhang is fascinated by movement in nature. Without cars, roads, or buildings, the viewer is provoked to deliberate on the subjectivity of Zhang’s subjects. His works fashion a stew of clandestine possibilities, struggles, joy and optimism found in modern America. He illustrates the horses with dramatic, yet delicate lines to capture the fluid movement of the majestic horses. His depictions are full of energy, optimism, eagerness, hunger and sometimes naiveté, but also display an indifferent regard for our ever-urbanizing environment.

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