Two-Person Show Guidelines and Deadlines

These guidelines and deadlines MUST be followed to ensure your show gets promoted effectively. 

Use this Printable PDF to set deadlines for your show.

Show Title:
Start Date:
End Date:
Dropbox folder link:
Hanging Dates:
Reception Date:
Related Event Dates:
De-install Date:


3-4 months before opening

Determine your goals for the exhibition. (Reviews? Sales?) Decide what type of related events you’d like to hold if any: private reception, workshop, gallery talk, reading, film, etc. Choose dates for these events. If holding events write a paragraph description about each of your events. This will be used for gallery promotional purposes.

Each artist should plan for to show a maximum of 10-12 pieces depending on size. Plan what will be shown. Consider inviting past collectors or colleagues to preview and/or critique the body of work you plan to show.


10 weeks before opening

Magazines need press releases 8-10 weeks before the exhibit, newspapers 3-4 weeks, listings 2 weeks.

Prepare a draft press release. The gallery will help you edit, format, and distribute. Provide the gallery with additional names from your local media outlets, and people who have written about your work in the past if desired. Artists should send out their own press information in addition to the Gallery.


8 weeks before opening

If you plan to design your own postcard, use the template and logos provided in the Dropbox folder, and have the draft proofed by Gallery directors before ordering. The gallery can design the postcard for a $100 fee; allow 2 weeks additional time, or 10 weeks prior to exhibition.  Exhibiting artists are responsible for paying and ordering postcards. Postcards must be ordered 6 weeks before the start of the show, to arrive before the first Friday of the month before your exhibition. We suggest ordering 500-1000. The gallery will keep 250 for distribution.

Provide content (Title, tagline, show and event dates) for Artscope and Art New England. The Gallery provides a listing in both. Artists may choose to add an image or purchase larger ads in either magazine, at their own expense.


4 weeks before opening

All of these items must be in the Dropbox folder 4 weeks before your show opens so we can promote your show

  • IMAGES- Add high-resolution JPEG files of all the work you plan to exhibit (300dpi, 6 in. longest side, save as: “last name_title.jpg”); in Artwork Images
  • STATEMENT, BIO and CV- Prepare an artist statement specific to the work to be exhibited, and an updated bio/cv for the show; in Publicity>Artist Bio/Statement
  • PROCESS SHOTS/DETAIL IMAGES- to raise curiosity; in Publicity> Web Graphics
  • LIST OF ARTWORK - Use the spreadsheet in your dropbox folder to provide label info; in Wall Labels

Update your website, adding a new work and link to the Gallery’s exhibition page. The Gallery will also create a webpage for the show on our website, which will be used for all promotion and embedded in the mailchimp e-blast.


Decide on and order/buy food, music, beverages. The gallery can make recommendations for these things, but we are open to whatever ideas you may have.

Take extra shifts during your show, if possible. The more present you are in the gallery, the better chance for sales. 
Facebook, Tweet, Blog & email about your presence in the gallery. Invite collectors to preview/privately view your show. 

Include Bio, Statement, current CV, images.


3 weeks before opening

Post news listings on local media websites, and add events to every local online listing site you can think of! The Gallery also will make event listings in local media sites, such as Local Patch, etc.

The Gallery will create an event for your opening reception and any planned events. Add the gallery’s Facebook events to your page, so only one event exists on Facebook. Share gallery posts and events with your followers.

Schedule a personal e-blast invitation to your own email list to be sent 1-2 weeks prior to your opening. The Gallery will send out an e-blast to its MailChimp list (2000+ subscribers) on the Tuesday before your first Friday reception, and before any additional events. Duplication is a good thing!



2 weeks before opening

Include title and artist names. Artists are responsible for ordering and paying for 2 copies of window vinyl decals.

The Gallery will create social media posts. These posts will be scheduled and will be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Please share in-studio photos, work in progress (wip) photos and other interesting teasers in Publicity>Web Graphics

Each artist will be required to write at least one blog post that will be publicized with the exhibition. You can write about your inspirations, techniques, materials, art practice, or other topics to get people engaged with you and your work on a more personal level. All blog articles are posted to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, plus they are emailed to our blog subscribers, and included in the following month's newsletter for post-exhibition exposure.

A post does not need to be a huge undertaking, rather, only a few photos and a paragraph or two will suffice. Make sure you have someone read and correct any grammar/spelling before you submit your blog post.

Schedule delivery of your work. If showing with another artist, to coordinate delivery with them. You will have the Monday and Tuesday before your exhibition opens to install your show. Plan accordingly. One of the Gallery directors will meet with artists on Monday afternoon to co-curate the exhibition with the artists.



Monday, Tuesday before opening

Hanging the show will begin Monday afternoon, or as soon as the previous exhibit comes down. The show will officially open on Wednesday.

Installation checklist: artists are responsible for...

  • Hanging artwork
  • Printing, attaching Labels
  • Installing Window Decals
  • Adjusting Lighting
  • Clean-up, wall touch-up if needed

NOTE: We are not allowed to paint, nail into, or in any way alter the black columns, stone or wooden beams.

Follow-up with press contacts by email/phone to invite them to visit. Attach a gallery installation photo and/or images of artwork to email invitations. The gallery will do the same.

Installation photos/video will be taken by the gallery for promotional purposes.  Take installation shots and consider making a professional quality installation video of the exhibit to be uploaded to the gallery’s Youtube channel and to your own website/Facebook page.


During the Show

Bring friends, collectors and colleagues to see the show at your convenience. Enjoy your show and a job well done!


After the Show

Pick-up begins after 6PM on Sunday, the last day of the show. The deadline for picking up work is 5PM on Monday. Arrangements will be made for sold work to be picked up or delivered. You must return the gallery walls to their original condition, patching all holes and painting. If necessary. If you do not patch and paint your walls you will be charged an hourly professional rate for the walls to be returned to exhibition condition.

Send a personal note to collectors who purchased, and reporters who reviewed the show. Include information on any future shows.