Maximizing your presence on 1stdibs

OPEN a 1stdibs account

  • Follow Fountain Street
  • Follow yourself
  • Browse the artwork and follow a few artists and other galleries
  • Select a few images to open and “save” two or three
  • Sign up for emails in categories of interest, Saturday Sale, etc.

This will give you a first-hand experience of how your work is being marketed to 1stdibs members. You’ll be very pleased! You'll start to see pieces you look at all over your internet experience and will also be encouraged to see how thoroughly and pleasantly 1stdibs reaches out to viewers. This is how people who don’t know your name or Fountain Street’s will find you. And be patient.

POST a link to your 1stdibs listings in your newsletters and on your website

To get this link, open 1stdibs and search by your name. All of your available listings will come up on one page. Make a copy of this link to share through your newsletters, blog posts, website, etc. At the bottom of this page is a FOLLOW button. If a viewer selects this, then they will be notified whenever new work is available from you. You should also follow yourself so that you can see how your work is highlighted.

Featured Items

Each week, we can post twenty items as Featured Items in our Fountain Street Storefront. Images that are featured go out to 1stdibs’ extensive email lists in a weekly newsletter each Wednesday.

Priority is given to 

  1. new work
  2. relisting items that have been unlisted due to shows, vacations, etc
  3. recycling currently listed work, from oldest “last-featured” date to newest. 

Currently, items are re-featured across a six month cycle. Every week, our storefront features twenty new images, so your work will never stay on the storefront first or second page for more than a week at a time.

We usually release new work in groups of 2-4 pieces per artist. You can submit a larger group if you like doing your work all at once. We’ll schedule release across time so you work gets the most views. Collectors like to see artists who are actively producing work.

Saturday Sale

  • 20% off of originally posted price
  • Each item may only be put on Saturday Sale once

This is another way to draw viewers to your work. Once your paintings have been up for at least 30 days, we’ll select one and put it on Saturday Sale if you have granted permission when you submitted the work. The Saturday Sale price is at least 20% off of the originally posted price. So, if you post a piece and increase your price at a later date, the SS price still has to be at least 20% off the ORIGINAL price.

An additional promotional email goes out from 1stdibs with pushing the Saturday Sale and Saturdays are usually our days with the highest views. We find that views increase for all of an artist’s work when one of their pieces is on Saturday Sale. We usually post 4 items for Saturday Sale each week and leave them on sale for about a month. Currently, we’re posting a sale item from each eligible* artist every four to six weeks. This really drives people to your work.

* Once all of your pieces have been placed on Saturday Sale you'll need to submit new work to get back in the loop.