• Seltzer (6-10 1-liter bottles)
  • Ice (1 large bag)
  • Wine (estimate 6 bottles) or beer (several cases), optional
  • Light refreshments (cheese, crackers, fruit, crudité, etc), optional


  • A core member will be on staff to pour (1st Friday receptions only; for other events artist must provide)
  • Folding Tables and trash cans - in storage closet
  • Tablecloths - in the filing cabinet in the storage area
  • Metal ice buckets - in the storage area
  • Plates, napkins, cups, silverware, trash bags - in the supply cabinet
  • Extra crackers, etc. - in the supply cabinet
  • Coat rack - in the storage area


  • Set up 6-ft tables in the main gallery if desired. Put black tablecloths on tables.
  • Have a metal trash can available. Put a trash bag inside the can.
  • Put an ice bucket on the beverage table; fill with ice and bottles of seltzer. Leave cups out.
  • Keep wine discretely available; someone must be there to pour.
  • If weather requires it, set up the folding coatrack (in the storage closet) for guests.
  • Play background music.

Enjoy the party!