Leslie Zelamsky

My sculpture explores the layering of common building materials, such as roof shingles, to create forms that are both organic and structural. My process allows the material’s natural attributes to influence the final form. In dialogue with my sculptures, my paintings celebrate the contrasting aspects of the mind’s use of intuition and deliberate action. I use oil paint, tar and stain to create abstract images with reference to architecture, light and air. 

In both my sculpture and my paintings, the process of layering and uncovering, addition and subtraction demonstrates my reverence for each phase of the piece’s history. My work evolves from many layers of material and imagery that work together to create the final piece. Each layer has it’s own story and history. Each decision to construct or destruct, to apply or remove paint contributes to the final piece. The completed piece is the result of the moments that came before.
— Leslie Zelamsky

Artist Resume