Reflections on Making: Sara Fine-Wilson talks about Sara Sze

This is 


in a series of occasional blog posts, where we've asked

 a member artist

 to talk briefly

 about an artist who's profoundly influenced their work

. Here, associate artist

Sara Fine-Wilson

talks about her fascination with the work of

Sara Sze


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Paying attention to what is there can often prompt questions about whats not there and why. This is where I begin. I try to take notice of what I might have missed, ignored or dismissed as irrelevant. Often times this act can lead me to discovery. As an artist I can set up parameters and manipulate materials that act as a map to guide the viewer but I donʼt tell the whole story. I am interested layered connections, how they form and what they look like.

Inspiration for the objects I make can come from a broken bit of something glossy, a collection of parts waiting to be purposed, a desire to manipulate a certain material and the way things interact with each other. Inspiration also happens when I have conversations with students, colleagues and other artists.

Most recently I have been paying attention to the work of

Sara Sze

. I am interested in the way she explores the idea of being thrown of center and out of one comfort zone. She creates situations in which the viewer has an experience of interacting that provokes questions and exploration. If you want to read more about her work check out this piece in the

NY Times.

And now a bit about Sara Fine-Wilson...


, sculpture by Sara Fine-Wilson



 is an artist and teacher who works primarily in sculpture and also in photography and painting. She attended The Maryland Institute college of Art and earned a 


 with a Major in Ceramics.

She went on to the Massachusetts College of Art and earned a Master of Science in Art Education with a studio focus in clay. She then spent a year as a resident artist at The Worcester Center for Crafts. She completed her MFA in Ceramics at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.PA. Her work has been shown at The Concord Art Association, Fitchburg Art Museum, 


 Art, Gallery 540 at Urban Outfitters World Headquarters. She is an associate member of the Fountain Street Fine Art Gallery in Framingham Ma where her work is represented regularly. She currently teaches art at Lincoln 


 High School. She continues to work in her studio in 


 Massachusetts where she lives with her husband Bruce and her dog 


. See more of her work at