What does it take to be a collector?

What does it take to be a collector?

One word answer- LOVE (x3)

We know a guy- let’s call him Mike- He’s a collector. Big time. He’s not rich. He’s not fancy. Or Harvard educated (as far as we know). But he’s an art patron, he’s our hero.

We asked him; How does he decide to buy art?

”I’m very picky, he says." if I see something I really love, LOVE-LOVE-LOVE, 
I have to really love it, I buy it.” 

It’s as simple as that. He lives paycheck to paycheck, like a lot of us. He finds a way. He’s passionate about buying art the way those of us who make the art are passionate. 
He pays a little, every paycheck, till it’s his.

There's a reception 
Saturday, October 22nd, 
from 5-7, 
for our current encaustic show,
Beyond the Surface:
biological explorations in wax.

Stop by, 
enjoy the party- 
(who knows, you might fall in LOVE-LOVE- LOVE!)