Allison Maria Rodriguez

What are the limits of representation? Where is the space in between meaning? How can the slippage inherent in dominant systems of classification be utilized to envision a new, more equitable future? Though I explore diverse themes, from human migration to data visualization, my work ultimately converges on a need to understand the space within which language fails and lived experience remains unarticulated.

I approach my practice as an interdisciplinary artist, choosing the forms that make the most sense, aesthetically and conceptually, to create the strongest piece possible. My work ranges from 16mm films, to live performance video installations, to large-scale public art. I am also a researcher and draw from disciplines that range from computer science to human psychology to literary theory. I do not place restrictions upon myself as a maker, and am always excited to expand my practice and venture into new ways of creating work.

I am consistently searching for methods and approaches that destabilize linear ways of knowing and understanding the world. I am looking for an opportunity to shake things up. In my most recent body of work I am exploring climate change, species extinction and political agency in a desire to initiate a new discourse surrounding environmentalism. Ultimately, my practice is a social practice, and I use the majority of my work to ignite dialogue and to encourage radical thinking and the desire for social change.
— Allison Maria Rodriguez