Alexandra Rozenman

alexandra rozenman
Most recently I have been working on a series titled Moving In..., which focuses on playful and humorous narratives of me cohabitating with famous artists. By inserting myself into the painting, I point out the irony of “living” with an artist’s work as it relates into immersing myself into the lives and works of artists for inspiration and painterly influence. I use historical research to choose vistas or scenes of domestic life during the eras of the artists with which I metaphorically live. Through this series I want to touch upon questions of artistic influence and dialogue, emulation and creativity, continuity as well as discontinuity in contemporary art and the world as a whole. At the same time, my portrayed place-at-odds can be viewed as a metaphor for immigration and the cathartic journey of re-inventing a new personal and artistic identity.
— Alexandra Rozenman